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Gustav Parthey in Malta 1822

A German scholar’s impressions of early “British Malta”:
Gustav Parthey’s two months’ stay in the summer of 1822
A lecture in English delivered by Dr. Albert Friggieri

Venue:  Messina Palace, 141, Triq San Kristofru, Valletta
Date: Tuesday, 15th October 2019 at 7.00p.m.

When the German scholar Gustav Parthey (1798 – 1872) met the 78-year old Goethe in Weimar on 23rd August 1827, in keeping with Goethe’s wish the only subject of their long conversation was Malta. Five years earlier, at the age of 26, Parthey had spent two months in Malta and therefore, responding to Goethe’s numerous questions, he “was able to report in detail”. Goethe’s questions concerning Malta, Parthey writes, “went straight to the point, to what was important, while his comments conveyed an extraordinary Weltanschauung. (…) Our conversation about Malta went on and on; sometimes I felt as if I was being examined”. (Gustav Parthey, Ein verfehlter und ein gelungener Besuch bei Goethe, Berlin, 1862).

The lecture (accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation) will highlight the elements in Parthey’s account which are not generally found in other contemporary descriptions of Malta.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

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