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Activities 2008

11th January: German Film Evening – Spielfilm: “Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage”

16th January: Gesprächsrunde: “Hansestadt Hamburg – Centrum des Nordens”. Diskussionsleiter: Herr Olaf Rieck

30th January: Annual General Meeting

6th February: Gesprächsrunde: “Das Leben der Marlene Dietrich”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Irene Christ

8th February: German Film Evening – ” Kroko”

20th February: Gesprächsrunde: “Kinderbetreuung – pro und contra”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Sirka Facklam

2nd April: Gesprächsrunde: “Verkürzung der Schulzeit in Deutschland – Verlängerung in Malta”. Diskussionsleiter: Klaus Koch

4th – 26th April: Exhibition “Watercolours from Europe” by Evelyn Mittmann

11th April: German Film Evening – “Gespenster”

16th April: Gesprächsrunde: “Mozart gegen Bluthochdruck”. Diskussionsleiter: Dr Eric Hilsenitz

30th April: German Language Certificate Giving Ceremony “Learn German the Fast & Fun Way” & ZOP Courses

7th May: Gesprächsrunde: “Michael Mat.Prechtl – ein symbolischer Realist”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Dr Ute Rupprecht-Hung

9th May: German Film Evening – “Halbe Treppe”

14th May: Talk by Mr Sergey Medvedev, Director of the Russian Centre for Science & Culture
Subject: “Intermarriage and Interaction of German & Russian Nobility in the 18th and 19th Centuries”

19th May: Light Music Concert by the German Ensemble “Choryphäen”

21st May: Gesprächsrunde: “Warum Kunst?”. Diskussionsleiter: Dr Ulrich Hackenbruch

22nd May – 27th June: Exhibition of paintings by Dr Ulrich Hackenbruch

30th May: Launching of the LOS Magazine for Schoolchildren – Prize Giving Ceremony for the LOS Magazine Quiz winners

4th June: Gesprächsrunde: “Wieso spricht man in Namibia Deutsch?”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Ingrid Kidder

11th June: Concert – German Lieder with students from the Masquerade Theatre Arts School (Leader: Andriana Jordanova)

13th June: German Film Evening – “Sommer vorm Balkon”

16th June: Guided Tour of Playmobil Factory

18th June: Gesprächsrunde: “Russlanddeutsche – auf der Suche nach einer Heimat”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Sirka Facklam

6th August: Gesprächsrunde: “Szenen aus Theaterstücken”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Irene Christ

20th August: Gesprächsrunde: “Lachen und lachen lasen”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Waltraud Wolff

3rd September: Gesprächsrunde: “Deutsch in der DDR von Rennpappe bis …….”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Sirka Facklam

17th September: Gesprächsrunde: “Kaugummikauen macht schlau”. Diskussionsleiter: Dr Eric Hilsenitz

24th September: Launching of the publication “Torn Velvet”
Author: Mary Anne Zammit (Assistant Secretary German-Maltese Circle)

1st October: Gesprächsrunde: “Haben Pferde Gefühle?”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Brigitte Ohk

4 – 5th October: Notte Bianca: Open House with Bavarian style food, beer and brass band

10th October: German Film Evening – “Die innere Sicherheit”

15th October: Gesprächsrunde: “Gesunde Ernährung”. Diskussionsleiter: Klaus Koch

17th October: Vocal & Instrumental Concert by the Group from Hamburg “VocEns”

5th November: Gesprächsrunde: “Martin Mosebach – ein moderner Traditionalist”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Dr Rupprecht-Hung

11th November: “A healthy mind can only live in a healthy body” – Maria Mühlbauer explains the work of an Energy Therapist

12th November: Seminar for teachers of German “CLIL und Literaturaustausch – zwei Projekte als Modell”
Referentinnen: Frau Ulrike Tietze – Frau Doris Martorana Goethe-Institut Rom

14th November: German Film Evening – “Lichter”

19th November: Gesprächsrunde: “Der Lambuka (die Goldmakrele)”. Diskussionsleiterin: Frau Sabine Amann

20 – 22nd November: German Book Stall

24 – 28th November: Weihnachtsmarkt

26th November: German Language Courses Certificate Giving Ceremony

3rd December: Gesprächsrunde: “Spielzeugbau in Miniatur”. Diskussionsleiter: Herr Bernd Ritschel

12th December: German Film Evening – “Nirgendwo in Afrika”

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Permanent and temporary residents in Malta of German or Maltese nationality, not below the age of 18 years of age are eligible for membership to the German-Maltese Circle. Bona fide students between the ages of 14 and 18 are accepted as Junior Members.

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Dance Performance "Open Waters"

The German-Maltese Circle organises various activities such as exhibitions, film shows, cultural tours, forums, lectures, seminars, concerts, choral performances by visiting German choirs, chanson evenings, social and sports events and in fact, anything which helps to make especially the Maltese public more conscious of German culture and the German way of life.

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Section of the Dorothea von Wendland Library

The Library at the German-Maltese Circle is named after Dorothea von Wendland, the wife of a former German Ambassador, who in the early 1970’s was instrumental in the setting up of a lending and reference library in the former premises of the Circle in Floriana.

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The German-Maltese Circle offers its services for the translation of all sort of documents from English and Maltese to German and vice-versa.  Our certified translations are recognised by local and overseas entities.

Our services are guaranteed to be:

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