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List of Recommended Grammar Textbooks for Courses for Adults

Grundstufe I (Beginners’ First Year) – CEFR Level A1
Schritte International Neu 1 und 2 Kurs + Arbeitsbuch (Max Hueber Verlag GmbH)

Grundstufe II (Beginners’ Second Year/”O” Level) – CEFR Level A2
Schritte International Neu 3 und 4 Kurs + Arbeitsbuch (Max Hueber Verlag GmbH)

Course leading to Zertifikat Deutsch B1
So geht’s noch besser – Prüfungsvorbereitung Zertifikat B1 (Ernst Klett Verlag)
Schritte International Neu 5 und 6 Kurs + Arbeitsbuch (Max Hueber Verlag GmbH)

Course leading to the Goethe Institut Zertifikat B2
So geht’s zu B2 (Ernst Klett Verlag)

Course leading to the Goethe Institut Zertifikat C1
Station C1 Kurs + Arbeitsbuch   (Praxis Verlag)

List of Recommended Grammar Textbooks for courses for Schoolchildren

Die Deutschprofis Kursbuch und Übungsbuch (Klett Langenscheidt Verlag)

Glossarju ġermaniż-malti / malti-ġermaniż (Faraxa Publishers)

Note: All textbooks are available for sale from the German-Maltese Circle. List is subject to change without notice.

For more information contact us on Tel. no. 21246967 or email us.

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Permanent and temporary residents in Malta of German or Maltese nationality, not below the age of 18 years of age are eligible for membership to the German-Maltese Circle. Bona fide students between the ages of 14 and 18 are accepted as Junior Members.

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Dance Performance "Open Waters"

The German-Maltese Circle organises various activities such as exhibitions, film shows, cultural tours, forums, lectures, seminars, concerts, choral performances by visiting German choirs, chanson evenings, social and sports events and in fact, anything which helps to make especially the Maltese public more conscious of German culture and the German way of life.

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Section of the Dorothea von Wendland Library

The Library at the German-Maltese Circle is named after Dorothea von Wendland, the wife of a former German Ambassador, who in the early 1970’s was instrumental in the setting up of a lending and reference library in the former premises of the Circle in Floriana.

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Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Image of Coffee and Croissant

Open for Dinner on Saturday, 15 December for the V18 Official Closing Event!

Entering through the elegant entrance hall of Messina Palace and situated in a converted arched inner yard is the Circle’s Restaurant & Coffee Shop where patrons gather in informal and cosy surroundings for a coffee break, a lunch or just a quick snack.

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